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Freemotion Royalty Free Music FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About License & Uses of Royalty Free Music Tracks



What file formats are the Royalty Free tracks in?
Royalty Free Music tracks are in high quality MP3 files.
All audio files are encoded at 320 kbps joint stereo files (radio airplay play quality).
Wav files may be available in the future or on request. Contact.

Can I get different a track length to what is already available on your website?
As we are growing from only being a relatively small library, we may only have one version or track length on listed. If you are after something specific please feel free to ask us. 

Can I use your royalty free music as Music On Hold?
Yes, you can. Normally APRA and most associated collection agencies around the world will require you to pay an annual fee for using registered works. The APRA agreement "authorises the Communication of Works within APRA’s repertoire by the use of radio, CD , tape".


Copyright Ownership

All Freemotion Royalty Free Music is produced in house. It is composed by L E Kitching and all copyright is owned by L E Kitching for Freemo music.

The music and composer are not registered with APRA or AMCOS or any other PRO (performing rights association).

As our tracks are privately owned and published, and not registered with any music copyright collection agencies  (such as APRA or AMCOS), we grant the right of the use our music as specified below under "What you cannot do with our Royalty Free Music".

Once you purchase a license to music you purchase the right to use it continually for those uses with no further charges.


General License Applications

Our Royalty Free music general licensing terms of use.

When you purchase our Royalty Free music we grant you:

1. Mechanical rights - i.e. we grant you the right to duplicate and release the music as part of an audio or software CD, film or video, as a DVD or in the form of digital media, film or tape.

2. Synchronization rights - i.e. we grant you the right to sync the music to a visual or audio-visual  production as a soundtrack or as background music for your project.

3. Public Performance rights - The right to use the music as part of the public viewing or broadcast of your production. Multi media and promotional applications may be via video, DVD, websites, podcasts, telephone on hold, music in the work place (such as in waiting rooms etc) or as any similar public broadcast or  presentations.

What you can do with our Royalty Free Music:

1. Use our music without restriction for the lifetime of the purchaser, within different or various works or projects as you see fit.

2. Broadcast the music (as part of your production) over any public or private medium.

3. Transfer the music to any medium necessary (video, film, reel to reel, digital, etc.) to complete your production project.

4. For audio only applications our music tracks may be resold, but only when combined with an audible voice over.

5. Use the music themes for any visual productions (film, video, etc.) in their entire length and these productions may be duplicated without restriction.

What you cannot do with our Royalty Free Music:

1. Re-record or change the music in any way without the written consent of the owners. (You may, however, edit the music to fit your needs.)

2. Claim ownership or authorship of the music.

3. Transfer, share or sub-lease this license agreement with any other party.

4. Sell the music contained herein outright to any other individual or party. (Although the music can be sold as part of your production.).




Contact us
Ph 0415 291 956
International: +61 7 5451 4055





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