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Light Hearted

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  Meta Spectral
Driving, pushy, pulsing, urgent, bass
  Sol R
mid, smooth, piano, guitar, percussion
  After Morning
relaxed, determined, positive, medium tempo
  Now Corlin
light, breezy, easy, positive, happy, fun, carefree, electric piano
  Amore Than Expected
dreamy, ethereal, scat, female, vocals, soothing
  Fan Club
Chill out, piano, groove, easy
  Peace Highway
dreamy, floating, calm, gentle, relaxing, peace, peaceful, soothing
relaxation, meditation, calm, peaceful
  Open World
gentle, tranquil, meditation, relaxing, soothing
medium, trance, tibetan, throat singing
  Sea Blue Skies
dreamy, floating, spring, summer, stream, relaxation, easy, sunshine, still
  Serene Skies
dreamy, mystical, soothing. meditation, relaxing, relaxation, hypnotic
  Shwoop De Arc
floating, hypnotic, ethereal, mystical, still,
  Travel As You Are
guitar, easy listening, gentle, melodic,
  Change No 4
gentle, peaceful, hypnotic, music, beautiful
  With Vocals
  Welcome To Mankind
positive, up, political, fun, dance, bass
  A Cop's Job Is Never Done
cop, spoof, detective, humorous, dry,
Japanese, melancholy, tokyo, goodbye, sayonara
  Just Desserts
crazy, food song, dessert, weird, unusual, rocky, guitar