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Waltz For Tiger Joe

Retro Jazz Fusion

"Need some jazz fusion? After some jazz rock?

Stepps was, in it's hey day, a band with a cult following in Sydney Australia. They used to pack the Royal George Hotel every Friday night. Those were the days - Female Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass & Drums cooking up some great music in Sydney town.

Stepps was also featured on the ABC's (Australian Broadcasting Commission) radio station Double J for around a year, with daily spins of various tracks from the album. This also led to a live to air concert with the  ABC.

Now re- released for posterity, eight luscious tracks of original music from STEPPS.


Comment : "A Group of Sydney, formed in the mid-70s from former members of small local bands, launched a unique and extremely rare record independently, with measly 50 copies. The quality of the members is another interesting point, divided into 8 groups (long mostly) and combining an instrumental complex, dynamic and full of variations, where there is the guitar, piano and synths, accompanying the female vocal beautiful Bernie Morgan . Far from being a middle sound in style, highly recommended! A great Aussie Fusion act from Sydney, Which never made ​​it to the recordings of a proper album, Stepps Performed regularly from mid- to late-70's at the local clubs and hotels and even got some rare airplay on TV and radio at the end of Their brief road. They recorded the album '' Waltz for Tiger Joe '' (1976, private) on Their Own forces, but only 50 copies Were pressed and handed to friends, so there are no signs it was ever commercially available. Shame, because They played dreamy yet intense Jazz Fusion with some Canterbury edges, similar to National Health and Belgians Cos, fronted by Morgan's wordless voice experiments and the stunning performance of the musicians, leading to great grooves and unexpected breaks. This was far from average fusion, the album has a constant tendency towards jazzy Prog Rock through time All Those changes and complex instrumental patterns, Which combine Female Pop Vocal and Fusion and electric piano-driven Jazz Rock. Great guitar work and some furious piano paces, who delivers Also the impressive few synth flights throughout. . Pretty long tracks with lots of room and lovely instrumental interplays"


1 Kolour Kode A. Ditrich 6:40
2 If I Knew A. Ditrich 7:11
3 Kryptonite I. Hildebrand 7:55
4 Make Me A. Ditrich 4:29
5 Flowers A. Ditrich 2:55
6 End Of Play A. Ditrich 6:34
7 Step Up Behind (not on original vinyl) A. Ditrich 6:06
8 Cumulus I. Hildebrand 8:03





electric, acoustic pianos, sythesisers alex ditrich
vocals, congas, percussion bernadine morgan
electric, classical guitars ian hildeband
bass, guitar michael vidale
drums, gongs ralph cooper

engineered by michael vidale, mastered by ralph cooper

Stepps was  featured extensively on what was then called 2 Double J. They also performed a live to air concert which was broadcast by the ABC.


Stepps photo - taken in the ABCs recording studios.


Stepps were regulars at Delmonicos Wine Bar







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2008 Michael L Vidale and Ian G Hildebrand