Ambient / Chill


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Light Hearted

Royalty Free Medium to Slow Groove

Music with an easy relaxed mood. Sync to video & voice overs.


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 Vortex 1  (1.30)1:30 Full Version


Download Demo

 $19.95 AU

A light ambient piece of music starting with harp arpeggios and a melodic theme building into a fuller sound with percussion. (Composer L E Kitching)



V Jam

Download Demo 30 sec $9.95 AU

Download Demo 60 Sec $14.95 AU

Download Demo 2.48 $24.95 AU

Medium relaxed piece of music with and ambience feel building electric piano, mysterious pads & drums.
(L E Kitching)


Under Skies

Download Demo 3.53

$24.95 AU

Flying soaring sailing peaceful blissful calming music. Imagine flying on a clear summers day. The feel of freely gliding above it all. (L E Kitching)



  Atlas Mouse

Download Demo 2.48

$24.95 AU




Lazy, easy listening, laidback, soft, groovy. Bottle neck guitar melodies slide nicely over a rich textured rhythm and against acoustic and electric piano and gut string guitar. (Composer L E)



Hypersleep  (3:53)

Download Demo 3.15

$24.95 AU

Easy paced and slightly hypnotic sequence moving against a light drum groove. (L E Kitching)



Ah Amore  (1:01)

Download Demo

$19.95 AU

Light pushy feel with catchy groove. (L E Kitching)




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